Alamo Drafthouse Goodness

So I took my girls to The Alamo Drafthouse for the first time today and it was AWESOME!  The Drafthouse is not only great because they have a restaurant quality food menu, fun special events, and :45 minutes of really enjoyable hand picked & home grown pre-show goodies to watch, but each summer they have a lovely little something called the “Alamo Kids’ Club”.  They offer free kids movies nearly every day, all summer long.  They aren’t obscure kids movies either (like when I was a kid), but REALLY good kids movies we already love.  Some are even offered in 3D.  (Sign me up people!)

Today we went & saw Flushed Away.

The super-duper great thing about The Village Drafthouse location is that they show all of their movies in digital format, so imagine not only seeing a favorite animated flick, but seeing it in perfect high def format on a huge screen (drooool!).  It was truly a thing of beauty!

I LOOOVE the work of Nick Park.  The first work of his I ever saw was “The Wrong Trousers” on PBS back in the mid 90s.  I think I turned it on somewhere around the train scene and was in love!  I later found the first Chevron Cars while gassing up one day and bought the first three on the spot.  I later added many more cars to that collection.  I was thrilled when I discovered “A Grand Day Out” on DVD and also when “A Close Shave” was later released.  AJ was just a baby when we went and saw “Chicken Run” in the theater during a family reunion.  Then came the full length Wallace & Gromit feature “The Curse of the Were-Rabbit”.  I was in hog heaven each time.

A few of my favorite McFarlane PVC pals

One of my gals got Roddy from her prize box at school & brought him home to me. Best prize of the day!

Going to see Flushed Away on the big screen was a no brainer.

Since I had already seen this one so many times I found myself paying more attention to the background detail and goings on (and there is A LOT going on!).  I almost want to go again just so we can tick off how many times we see Wallace, Gromit, the Were-Rabbit bunnies, etc.  Nick Park and the guys at Aardman obviously had a ton-o-fun working in loads of detail.  I was REALLY impressed with how the characters had that real claymation look as opposed to the often smooth and perfect surface that many computer animated characters have (not that there’s anything wrong with that…wink!).  Kudos to you Mr. Park!  Our TV at home is no shrinking violet, but seeing Flushed Away in the theater like this really blows away the at home viewing experience and has given me an even greater appreciation for the work that goes into this kind of feature.

I’m so glad I steered the girls away from watching this one at home the other day…it was worth the wait!  We will definitely be going to at least one more Alamo Kids’ Club movie before the summer is over.  Yay!!!  Now to decide which one to see…


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